Our Offering

Malia Prime: Betting on Digital and Knowledge Intensive Industries

Malia Prime recognizes the forces of digital, globalization and economic development to be creating white spaces in the Philippine economy and locally within the GCC. Digital convergence, the establishment of a future-oriented, digital platform for Filipinos, is at the heart of our strategic advisory and pursuit of investment opportunities. We see financial services (through payments and remittances) as the trigger to capture specific economic opportunities from GCC-based Filipinos with media providing stickiness and telecom services enabling recurrence. Built on a big data platform, we shall create the future digital ecosystem for overseas Filipinos with far reaching impact domestically into the Philippine economy.

Through our strategic advisory offering, we can provide a unique perspective from our knowledge of both Philippine and GCC contexts to effectively advance the strategic agenda of our corporate and institutional clients in relation to our digital convergence thesis. Through the establishment of an investment fund that will back opportunities in the Gulf or in the Philippines, we are uniquely positioned to support Gulf sovereign wealth funds, corporates and institutional investors in realizing value from the digital convergence opportunity.