Our Perspectives

1. April 2018 - Executive Brief – Islamic Banking in the Philippines (Primer for GCC Investors)

In Malia Prime’s first executive brief, we highlight a specific opportunity in Islamic banking and finance in the Philippines. There is only one Islamic bank in the country, Al Amanah Islamic Investment Bank. Investors and banks from the GCC who are looking at international expansion may be interested in further exploring the opportunity for Islamic banking and finance in the Philippines. Our executive brief, provides a strategic overview for GCC banks and institutional investors to introduce the idea and merit further thought and assessment.

Available in English and Arabic

2. June 2018 – The Billion Dirham Opportunity for UAE Banks

Our Managing Director, Mark P. Serrano identifies a significant, untapped, underserved segment of the UAE banking market. With more than AED 1 billion in invest-able funds, Filipinos in the UAE are an attractive segment for investments and fee-based products. However, the current market state is geared towards a remittance heavy model where UAE exchange houses/remittance firms dominate in partnership with Philippine bank and non-bank players. With significant white spaces opening up in the Filipino market, UAE banks stand most to gain with their innate advantages.